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Vision Systems

Seeing is power. We help our customers take control of their processes by providing state of the art vision systems that can be leveraged to increase first pass yield, reduce scrap, eliminate unnecessary down time, and increase quality.

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Define the Right Solution:

Our vision experts will work with you to define the right solution for your application. Not all vision applications are the same and we ensure that yours will be tailored to meet your unique needs. We will work closely with your team to define the desired outcome and requirements of the system.


Seeing is Power

Closed Loop Control:

We want you to get the most out of your vision system. We offer complete closed loop control so that the machine is using data from the vision system to make real time adjustments delivering optimum performance and value. We will integrate with your existing control system, MES, historian, etc to bring the most value possible.


Make the Most of Your Vision

Quality Assurance:

We ensure we are delivering quality in every aspect of our role working for you. We offer factory acceptance testing where you come to us & we demonstrate the equipment’s functionality. In most cases, it is very feasible to test the vision system on your production line with little to no downtime to reduce risk & instill confidence.


Little to No Downtime

Engineering and Design:

We provide mechanical engineering to design and build any fixtures required to support the vision system. Placement of the equipment is key and we have the tools & experience to position the hardware in just the right place.


Support Your Vision


We provide boots on the ground commissioning support to ensure your project is fully implemented smoothly. We will work with your quality team to determine how the vision system will be tested to ensure accuracy and reliability.


Boots on the Ground


We work with your team to train on how to use the system as well as maintain it. And we are never far away. With remote internet connectivity we can support you in a moment’s notice.


Train and Maintain

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