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Process Control Integration

Our team provides everything from small to large projects, modifications to existing systems, new control systems, migration services and end of life upgrades as well.

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FEED Studies
(Front End Engineering & Design):

Want to improve your processes & controls systems? We will work with your team to perform a FEED study that will provide a roadmap to achieve your goals. We can even help with return on investment calculations to make sure you know how the project will impact your business financials.


Reduce Risk

Electrical & Mechanical
Design & Builds:

Our team leverages years of experience to create best practices, industry standards, and modern technology such as 3D modeling to deliver robust electrical and mechanical designs. Each controls cabinet can be built to UL 508A standards.


Custom Designs


We develop your application on our own systems to your approved specifications. Do you want to take a peek at those new graphics as we get started? No problem, we want our customers to be engaged throughout the development process to ensure a high level of satisfaction.


Gives You Control


Our quality process includes a high level of engagement with our customers to ensure there are no surprises and that expectations are met. We put your software to the test before you arrive. We also take pride in inviting our customers to witness our factory acceptance tests.


Gives You the Best


Our team knows what it takes to make the commissioning effort successful. Often, our commissioning efforts are done during plant downtime. We work hard to plan for efficient execution and staff accordingly to take advantage of those windows of opportunity.


Saves you time

Post Startup Support & Training

As with all our services we offer post startup support and training for your team. The training plans include helpful documentation and can be classroom based or hands on in the field. We take pride in enabling our customers to efficiently and effectively use the systems we provide.


Keeps you Going

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