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MES Integration

We bridge the gap between ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and the process control systems with a custom built MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solution.

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Connectivity is key. You no longer have to manually push orders to the shop floor. Clipboards and manual entry errors are a thing of the past. If you already have automation on your production lines adding in a MES solution is the logical next step to getting the most out of your equipment.


Connectivity is Key


We understand that sending orders to the shop floor can be complex. You make several different products w/ unique recipes & some orders are not as important as others, so simply queuing up a list of orders on a first come first serve basis just won’t work. We understand & we are equipped to handle your most complex & challenging needs.


Get Organized


We provide complete integration of your MES & control systems. This reduces risk for you as we are ensuring that data flow is accurate & effective from system to system. If your facility has technical personnel that owns the control systems we will work with them to provide guidance on the changes required for the complete MES integration.


Reduce Risk


MES solutions are not a one size fits all. We understand scalability is key. We develop the hardware and software custom solutions using tools and best practices that will allow your MES system to grow and change as your business grows and changes.


Custom Solutions


For a MES solution to work well with your system the IT network will need to be solid. We will work with your IT team to ensure your network is built and configured to handle the data traffic between MES and the process control systems on the shop floor.


We'll Work w/ IT


Training and post installation support is tailored to meet your needs. We offer onsite or virtual training as well as manuals and supporting documentation. We are always happy to support after installation and want to be a long term partner to your success.


Onsite, Virtual, In-Hand

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